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Q  Will I pay tuition for each child in my family?

A  Our tuition rates are a flat rate for the entire family! Junior and Senior Kindergarten rates are lower. Tuition includes busing. Tuition payments can be made in various instalments (quarterly, monthly). A portion of your tuition may be tax-deductible as a charitable donation and/or childcare fee. Families can off-set tuition costs with our voucher/gift card progam.



Q  Why Christian School?

A  We believe that children should learn about the world God has created for us from a faith based perspective. This includes using the word of God in everyday teaching, and having teachers that are Christian role models. This will help equip our children to be responsible disciples of Jesus Christ.


Q  Who sends their children to JKCS? Do I have to belong to a certain religion to send my children?

A  We are an independent and interdenominational school. Students from more than a dozen Christian denominations attend our school. Our common thread is a desire to have a Christ-centred education for our children.


​Q  Do you have a dress code? Do students wear uniforms?

A  We do have guidelines for how children should dress (found in the parent handbook) but we currently do not have uniforms.


Q  Does the school provide transportation?

A  ​Busing is included in the tuition fees. Routes will change from year to year, if you have specific questions about your area please contact the school principal.


Q  Are the school facilities available for rent? 


​A  The gym area is available for rent. This includes kitchen facilities. This could be for family functions, sporting events or special meetings. Please contact the school to receive a rental agreement form.



Q  Does the school offer any extracurricular activities


A  John Knox Christian School has sports teams such as soccer, hockey, cross-country, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Our teams compete in tournaments with other Christian Schools. Students may participate in our school musicals, choir, writing competition, Science Fair, History Fair, art show, and clubs like knitting, board games, and skipping.


Q  Do you offer full-time kindergarten?

A  ​Currently we offer Junior Kindergarten, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday. Senior Kindergarten meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.



Q  Does the school offer special education program(s)?

A  ​We do ongoing testing and assessments to identify if a child requires additional support. This can be in the form of small groups in-class as well as one-on-one support with a Student Support Services teacher. If a further need is identified while monitoring a student’s progress there is also the possibility of accessing additional community and school supports. 

Q  How do parents stay informed of school activities?

A  There are a variety of ways that we try to keep parents and the school community informed of both everyday activities as well as special events. This includes a school calendar of events for an overview of upcoming activities. We also publish a weekly newsletter called "Knox Talks" where general school news and updates from the classrooms are available. This is sent home with the children and posted online. You can also find information on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 



Q How will I know if school is cancelled because of weather?

A  On days with inclement weather, you will receive a notification from the Remind Me App or the school's Facebook page if the buses are cancelled.  More information is provided in the school handbook. 

Q  Is your Kindergarten program play-based?

A  Play is an important part of learning for young children! At John Knox, we balance indoor and outdoor play with a rigorous learning program. The curriculum for our youngest learners includes mathematics, literacy instruction, the Learning Without Tears program, social studies and science units, Bible stories, and an introduction to music and art. Activities for our kindergarten students challenge them to grow and help to prepare them for Grade 1.

Q  Is John Knox Christian School accredited?


A  John Knox Christian school is an accredited elementary school. We hire teachers with Ontario teaching certifications. We meet Ontario curriculum standards and strive to prepare our graduates well for high school and beyond. Our school is affiliated with Christian Schools International and Edvance, the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools.

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