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Principal's Welcome

    At our school we value quality education that is closely integrated with our Christian faith. 



     John Knox Christian School was founded in 1958 by Christian parents who believed that the education of their children was a parental responsibility and that such education must be Christ-centered. We reaffirm that vision today. The basis of John Knox Christian School is the infallible Word of God, as founded in the Old and New Testaments and as confessed the Reformed doctrines.

     Accredited and caring teachers encourage and support students with a variety of learning activities and approaches.  The best of traditional teaching is blended with the necessary twenty-first century skills. Students work with current technology, but they are also encouraged to exercise discernment, and develop critical thinking skills and their creative abilities as they advance through the grades.  A strong biblical foundation serves as the basis for all of our curriculum and instruction. Our teachers aim to bring biblical truths into all aspects of learning whether it be math, art or science, building positive relationships, and service within the community.   We want our students to thrive in their various pursuits and learn how to live lives that recognize their place in God’s kingdom. 

     Our learning is well rounded and there are  many opportunities for extra curriculars. Students in all grades are able to develop their skills and interests through team sports, clubs, performing arts, and community service. 

     If you would like to see our school in action or to meet with me for a personal tour, please contact the school office at or 519-845-3112.  It would be wonderful to meet with you and to share with you why education at John Knox Christian School would be a great investment for your children.

                                                                          Marnie Lisson


I'm always available for any questions or feedback.

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