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The history of Wyoming John Knox Christian School can be centred on a few key features.  The school theme, “In your light we see light”, drawn from Psalm 36, serves as a foundation to the school’s purpose: to teach and to guide young students using the timeless values, principles, and lessons from God’s Word.  Remaining faithful to this foundational idea is a related feature of the school - by appreciating the past and sustaining faith for generations to follow.


John Knox in Wyoming has been offering Christian education in central Lambton County for over 60 years.  In the mid 1950s, a group of parents initiated the idea of establishing a school based on Biblical values.  Doors opened to a new two-room school in 1958 with a third room added in 1962. 


More students necessitated a larger facility, so the school trustees purchased the former Wyoming Public School in 1965  This classic Ontario school building with two stories and four large classrooms served until 1978 when a new building was constructed at the present site on land donated by a supporting family. Featuring five classrooms and a gymnasium, this school building affirmed that John Knox Christian School was firmly placed in the central Lambton Community.


The recurring notion of subtle but steady growth suggested above continued.  Two new rooms were added in 1986, a portable in 1992, and a computer room,  extra washrooms, and a multipurpose staff and meeting room in 2000.  The current facility with its gymnatorium, two new classrooms, various student work spaces, and a spacious foyer not only marks continued growth, but also shows an enhanced commitment to addressing student needs in a changing society.


What has not changed is the focus;  the school’s mission statement stresses the academic, physical, spiritual, and social development of young students.  Teachers at John Knox understand that children are precious because they are image-bearers of God.  “Children are a heritage of the Lord” as noted in Psalm 127. As a Christian school, the stress is on building Christ-like character in students as they pursue knowledge. 


But knowledge is only one step.  Dedicated teachers, many serving the school for over 15 years, create lessons, set tasks, and initiate discussions to give life to an understanding that the world belongs to God and his hand is evident in all learning from literature to science, from sports to music. This is the Reformed Christian worldview that forms the basis of John Knox Christian School.  With an enriched understanding, students may seek and gain wisdom to help meet the challenges they will face. 


Over the years students have been provided opportunities to serve and to grow. The school has worked closely with community groups including the local Fall Fair Board, the Canadian Legion, and municipal council.  


Always striving for improvement, Wyoming John Knox Christian School, supported by committed  parents, families, and friends, blessed by God, remains faithful to its purpose and seeks to be a light in this community.

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