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4 year old  (Junior K) 

5 year old  (Senior K) 


  • Bible stories

  • memory work 

  • Christian character 

  • values

Kinderstart focuses on these main areas of personal and learning growth:


Bible stories, memory work, Christian character and values.


Social and behaviour skills for school preparedness and cooperation.


Letter, sound, and word recognition for reading, writing, and printing skills.


Math skills from each of the five strands: numeracy, shape, measurement, pattern, and data management.

creation studies

Creation Studies units that focus on key themes and units from an interdisciplinary approach (woven through language, math, Bible etc). 

     Within these areas, young students not only learn a range of practical and life skills, but also have opportunities to grow as individuals in relation to God and others. Our instruction intends to prepare students for giving and achieving their best inside and outside of school.  These two years also equip our students with the foundational skills to support them as they continue through the grades. Our encouragement supports their growth as young Christians and helps them to see God’s hand in all areas of their lives. 

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