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Success Centre
(resource Program)

     Each student at JKCS needs the encouragement and support of the school community to develop their gifts. As a Christian school, and in keeping with our stated mission, the resource program at JKCS offers support, assistance, and encouragement to those students who face learning difficulties.  Support through the Student Success Centre focuses on helping students with teacher - identifiable learning difficulties.  The resource programme may, for example, offer remedial help in math or reading, give specialized instruction in writing, spelling, or handwriting. 

     In addition we also use the Barton Reading, Writing, and Spelling program. This program focuses explicitly on phonics and spelling strategies so that students can find success in their independent reading and writing. Typically this program begins in grade three and involves regular meetings with the Barton teacher.  At John Knox we recognize the unique learning needs of all our students and the services offered by the Student Success Centre and the Barton program often come at no additional cost. 

Teacher and Student
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