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     Our voucher program is an effective way to ease the tuition load. Families purchase cards to buy groceries and other necessary items. A percentage of the card purchases go to the family and a percentage goes to the school.

The voucher committee is at the school every Thursday afternoon from 1:30-2:30. Purchases can be made in person or can be handled through students via the “backpack express” (with the necessary permission forms, of course). Purchase forms are available at the office or click the button below.

     At present, the committee offers vouchers from No Frills, Superstore, Independent, Foodland, and Tim Hortons. Many people use the cards creatively. For example, they buy Superstore cards and use them to purchase fuel cards from that store.

     It’s a great program and is well-managed by the volunteer staff. If you wish more information, please call the school office.

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